Ice House Development

The Ice House Development

Semi-intensive roof garden

Folsom Power House

Folsom Powerhouse
Fairmount, Philadelphia

Extensive plug planted system

 Annex at the Touraine

The Annex at the Touraine

Modular fully pre-grown system.

Rittenhouse Square

Solo Realty
Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Extensive plug planted system.

 New Market Townhomes green roofs

New Market Townhomes

Light weight extensive system.

North Carolina Green Roofs

Blowing Rock Residence

Extensive system with native grasses and succulents.

Philadelphia Green Roofs

Front Street

New Construction extensive system.

Media Roof Garden

Hoffman Residence

Extensive system
over a patio roof.

Northern Liberties Green Roofs

Hope Street
Northern Liberties

New construction extensive system.

Green Roof patio

Dolan Residence
South Philadelphia

Retrofit roof patio and pregrown mat system.

Kensington PA green roof

Hush House
Kensington, PA

Roof garden patio with pregrown sedum mats.

Christian Street Green Roof

Christian Street
South Philadelphia

New construction plug planted system.

Paul Residence Green Roof

Paul Residence
South Philadelphia

Insulated light weight with pregrown sedum mats.

Wyndmoore PA green roof

Tyler Residence
Wyndmoore, PA

Site assembled light weight pregrown system.

West Philadelphia green roof

4200 Pine Street, West Philadelphia

LiveRoof pre-grown modular system.

Queen Village Community Garden
Philadelphia, PA

Site assembled extensive system planted with plugs and clippings.

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA

Educational installation of LiveRoof pregrown modular system.

Lynn W. Williams Science & Technology Lodge
Hockessin Girl Scout Camp, DE

Demonstration green roof with LiveRoof pregrown modules.

Bancroft Green, Philadelphia

Vegetative roof design and installation on five new construction townhomes in South Philadelphia.

W.B.Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences

Site analysis, design and construction. Rain water harvesting system, vegetated roof and other site improvements.

Keating Residence Vegetated Deck

Keating Residence

Vegetated roof deck design and installation on a sustainable row house rehab in East Falls.

Philadelphia University Green Roof Research Initiative

Philadelphia University, East Falls

Material Rersearch, Design and Testing of multiple systems.

Carpenter Square Green Roofs

Carpenter Square
Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia

New Construction plug planted system.

Bryan-Fomin Residence West Philadelphia

Extensive site assembled system with pre-grown mats and clippings.

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